He became my dream come true! Finding a good lawyer in Chicago is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, he is my harpoon.

Posted by: Marion, a Chapter 7 client, 6 days ago.

Client Review:

I have had many interviews with lawyers, and have had some that I fired. I finally found Mr. Skellet, both by intense research and then by recommendation. I immediately fell in love with him. Not because he is charming, compassionate, matter-of-fact, and brilliant, but because he was able to, in a matter of 30 minutes, put all of my fears, anxieties and feelings of hopelessness to rest. When I think about hiring lawyers because I have reached a point when I can no longer handle situations myself, I expect to have one that is able to lead me in exactly the right directions in order to accomplish goals that have been set. He is doing exactly that. I have never felt like I was in such professional, caring and brilliant hands. It is so comforting to have someone handle such a scary task as bankruptcy. He is not cheap, but neither was my previous lawyer (who shall remain nameless), for he was almost as much but provided absolutely no comfort, no assistance, no guidance and certainly no reassurance that everything will go as planned.
I am one of those people that NEVER fill out reviews or rate items. But when they asked me to write a review on Mr Skellet, I jumped at the opportunity. I will scream his name from the mountain-top because there is absolutely No reason for anyone to look anywhere else. He is simply the best out there and worth every penny.

Posted by: Teresa, a Chapter 7 client, 7 days ago.

Client Review:

I started the process more than a year before I actually finally filed for my Chapter 7, after a foreclosure and job loss. Mr.Skellet and his staff were with me every step of the way. My emails and calls were answered promptly and I couldn’t have asked for better service in any way! The most difficult part of the entire practice was doing the “homework” prior to my first appointment with Mr.Skellet! Oh, and one more thing, I’d go in and kiss Mary, but I don’t think she would appreciate it-she is an incredible asset to Mr.Skellet’s practice!

Filling bankruptcy with dignity

Posted by: a Chapter 7 client, about 1 month ago.

Client Review:

I have been a business owner for most of my adult life and in the past I had always been able to weather the changes in the economy until the perfect storm came together late last year (2010). I realized I had little if any chance to hold on to the business and questioned weather I could keep my home which we worked so hard for but was also underwater. I began to do some research and spoke with several attorneys about our optioins but I always got the feeling I was being pushed off into a generic tank and that there were not too many options until I found Tom Skellet. He met with me like the other attorneys but he made me feel like he was truly interested and offered an array of options and possibilities in a bankruptcy scenario. Once I had discussed this with my wife we felt that this firm and Mr. Skellet was the clear cut choice for our needs and to that end I must sayI have to also praise and thank all of the hard work of Mary “The bankruptcy angel” Mary was so precise and diligent in moving our case forward and answered all of my questions, she is wonderful. In addition when it was time for the meeting of the creditors Mr. Skellet placed us in the hands of a very bright attorney from his office to be there with us. The case was dismissed favorably in a very short time and we now have a new start and we would reccomend Mr. Skellet and his staff to everyone, he is the best. In a word this is a great package and I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a comperable firm.

Excellent review and advise

Posted by: a Chapter 7 client, about 1 month ago.Client Review:

Mr. Skellet’s demeanor put me at ease, simplifying the questions.
Up front and honest.


Posted by: a Bankruptcy client, about 1 month ago.

Client Review:

I thought I was headed for bankruptcy but Mr Skellet gave me excellent advice on how to handle my creditor issues and referred me to another attorney to get me through the process.His help with both my personal and business situations was surgically precise. In 30 minutes, he showed me solutions that I have been trying (unsuccessfully!) to address for a year.

Very effective results based on moving target of information.

Posted by: Marty, a Bankruptcy client, 3 months ago.

Client Review:

This lawyer and his team did an exceptional job in dealing with a very irrational creditor, a strong willed client would was insistent about NOT filing bankruptcy and various stakeholders in two different states.
The search for an attorney was an interesting journey but based on the information available Skellet Law offices seemed the perfect fit for me. Starting with Mr Skellet’s on line information as a guide I was well prepared for my first visit with the relevant information at hand. This guidance saved time, effort, and frustration for me.
The creditor was pushing to litigate a debt that should never have been in question or default against me; the logical and financial decision was for me to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, working with my accountant to minimize tax impacts, my out of state business attorney, and the attorney for the creditor Mr Skellet was able to resolve this issue cost effectively.
I couldn’t be more pleased with the end results of my interaction and business dealings.

This guy is awesome, and also interesting.

Posted by: Teresa, a Bankruptcy client, 3 months ago.

Client Review:

We did not hire this attorney so I can’t say how he is in court, but I did see him for a half hour consultation that turned out the be the best half hour of my adult life. Before the consultation, I was e-mailed a basic worksheet to fill out that outlined our basic financial situation. When we came in, all of the staff were very polite, offered us water or coffee and joked with us while we waiting for Mr. Skellet to be available. He came in right on time and was already well informed about our situation. He didn’t fumble or anything. It was a little as if we had already talked to him before.Mr. Skellet actually advised us not to hire him because he felt that we could resolve our issues without filing for bankruptcy. Then he told us everything we would need to do, who we would need to call, and even what to say to resolve our problems. He was very knowledgeable about papers that we should file, where to go, and everything. By the time we were done meeting with him, we had a very comprehensive plan of what to do and it didn’t even cost us a penny.He is obviously knowledgeable and has dealt with many people in our situation. I have confidence that if we had decided to file for bankruptcy that he would have done a great job.

I just want to add that Mr. Skellet has a very pleasant demeanor and a good sense of humor. My favorite thing about the whole meeting was his giant Superman coffee mug.

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