Hawaiian Safeway Cracks down on Sandwich Thieving Parents by taking their Children

So, I’ll assume you’ve heard about the recent uproar coming out of Hawaii?

If not, let me explain: A family stepped into a Hawaiian Safeway grocery store when the mother grew dizzy from hunger, being hungry and pregnant she tore into a pair of sandwiches while shopping in the store with the intention of paying for them on the way out.

After racking up $50 worth of groceries in the store the couple forgot about the sandwiches, the management watched the in-store consumption of the sandwiches and arranged for the Police to nab these customers as they left. Nab them they did, but not before taking their child away to be put in the care of the state while both parents spent the night in jail.

For the record, the sandwiches cost $5 apiece, making five dollar footlongs look real good by comparison.

So at the cost of $10, Safeway had paying customers arrested, their child taken and is looking down the barrel of a lawsuit so spectacularly explosive that you can feel them bracing for the financial blow. All this for $10 worth of Sandwiches it’s said they weren’t even confronted about before being arrested.

While Safeway may not need to file Bankruptcy right now; it certainly could not hurt to explore some options along those lines.

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